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Bee & Swarm Removal

Bee & Swarm Removal

Swarming bees are not intent on destruction. They are merely looking for a new home. When we remove them, we help them to do just that.

There’s certainly something primal about the fear we feel when confronted with a swarm of bees. We’ve all heard tales of the dangers of bee stings, so it’s perfectly natural that a football-sized, writhing mass of up to twenty thousand of them should set alarm bells ringing.


But these bees are not out to attack, they’re on a mission to establish a new colony. It’s all part of their reproductive cycle. The function of the swarm is simply to protect their queen – literally supporting her while she flies and surrounding her while she rests. If the queen doesn’t survive the journey, the new colony is doomed. The reliance on the queen makes the swarm simple to remove. Once she is located and moved, the rest of the bees follow.


If left alone, the swarm is relatively safe.

Swarming bees are in transit and vulnerable. They’ve gorged themselves on honey and are sluggish. They will only sting if threatened. Here’s what you should do if you come across a swarm:


  • Arrange to have the swarm removed by us.
  • Keep children and pets away.
  • Do not attempt to spray, smoke, or throw things at the swarm.
  • Wear footwear – bees could be crawling on the ground.
  • Do not swat at the bees. Just move away.


Don’t ignore a bee nest. It won’t go away.

The bees do not fly too far away from their original colony and are looking to find a home quickly. If that home is not in a hive box, it is called a nest. Commonly, these are found in wall cavities and hollow trees. If not dealt with, the nests just become larger and create more damage. It is highly unlikely that the bees will relocate on their own.


Though it is a more complex procedure than removing a swarm, RPC can still remove bees from a nest and are happy to give you a quote.

Contact us now for a free quote.