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Bee Hive Pollination

Beehive Pollination Service

A single bee colony can pollinate up to 3 million flowers in a day.

Most fruit and vegetables require pollination by insects, and those species that are endemic to your field or orchard will perform the task naturally. But studies show that the introduction of managed honeybee hives can significantly increase yield.


It is worth nothing that even wind-pollinated crops like canola have been shown to increase yield by 17% in the presence of well managed insect pollinators.


In other words, even though your crop may be able to self-pollinate, don’t underestimate the benefits that better management of pollinators can bring.


What we do

We provide hives to help increase your yield and therefore your profitability. Just be aware that it can take several months to prepare a hive for pollination so it is important to make contact with us early, in order to avoid disappointment.


When you contact us we will ask you questions about the size of the area in order to estimate the number of hives required.


We will also need information about the crops themselves and any pesticides that are in use. That will help us to work with you to ensure the bees are released onto, and removed from, crops at the optimum time to maximise both the chance of effective pollination and the survival of the bees.

Contact us now for a free quote.